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Company Vision :

  K-STONE INTERNATIONAL LTD is a Taiwan funded enterprise, founded in 1988 Taiwan, 1998-2003 investment in Indonesia, 2003 investment in Guangdong Shantou factory, K-STONE INTERNATIONAL LTD for Shantou key enterprises, reputation, good credit, enterprises through AP, ASTM and European CE products excellent certification, European D.S. D.I factory certification and ICTI company certification.

  The company produces biodegradable plastics through BRC workshop certification, which can produce food grade packaging materials, and a number of product certification. The company's existing research team has more than 10 years of professional experience in this field, which can help customers to improve their quality, reduce costs, increase competitiveness, and create a win-win situation in common development.

  K-STONE INTERNATIONAL LTD. has the most advanced biodegradable plastics automatic production line and omnidirectional detection equipment in China. The production of multi - line, multi - brand, multi-purpose starch based, biodegradable materials can replace ordinary Petrochemical plastics widely used in industrial, medical, cosmetic, food, electronics and other products packaging, disposable tableware, kitchens, toys, agricultural planting and so on.

  At present, the company's products have sold a number of countries,K-STONE INTERNATIONAL LTD provides high quality and decomposable plastic products, advocating environmental low carbon for the benefit of mankind, creating a green earth is the purpose of our enterprise.


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